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Professional Drone Solutions.

Aviam offers aerial survey and inspection data with on site drone pilots that are fully licenced and equipped with the latest and top technological hardware. 

Our clients can expect control over their projects with a flexible team and convienient solutions.

Essential Expertise. 

Rest assured that our team consists of experts in their respective fields, allowing you to have peace of mind with every project. 

Accurate and Reliable Data. 

Drones offer you a cost effective method to surveying and mapping your projects. We offer reliable data that can be delivered quickly, easily and securely.

We can meet your deadlines in a timely manner and ensure that your data is accurate every time. 

Make Effective Decisions. 

Our blasting analysis will help you ensure that your blasts are reliable and secure, with in depth analysis you can make important decisions as needed. 

Improve your operations by understanding the details of each blast, 

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